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HT Wills Real Estate have been serving the St George and surrounding areas for 80 years. Led by Principal Steve Mishevski and Valentina Atkinson of the property management department.

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Originally established in Lakemba in 1934 by an enthusiastic and ethical team which soon expanded to Ramsgate and Hurstville.

The Hurstville office opened in 1971 on the corner of Forest Road and Rose Street and following massive expansion surrounding the office, HT Wills moved to its current premises at 169 Forest Road Hurstville.

Steve Mishevski and the team have won numerous awards.

Their philosophy is simple: “Know your clients and their needs and do everything you can to help them achieve it”.

Our prime task is to serve YOU. Your property is your most valuable asset - we understand this and guarantee you the standard of service you deserve. With this in mind, HT Wills has established a solid reputation in the area as the leading “independent” Real Estate Agent. A family business focusing on Ethics, Values and Client Care.

Our Mission Statement

To provide the best Real Estate service in the "St. George Area" based on the highest standards of ethic, values and client care. In so doing we will earn the loyalty and trust of home sellers and buyers who will become our lifelong clients and friends because we always place their interest ahead of our own.

This is our mission! We will live up to it in everything we do. Our success will always be measured by the happiness and the loyalty of our clients.

Our Vision

To be the St. George area's leading Real Estate team and be recognised for our professionalism, ethics, values and client care as well as our commitment to protect all customers from making "Real Estate Mistakes".

And in so doing we will earn the loyalty and trust of our clients.

Our Values

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